Nuggin's Landing

Nuggin’s Landing is a small community on the edge of a swamp. Its principal export is a type of mushroom called the Swampstool. When dried and preserved, the Swampstool provides a source of protein that is shelf-stable. This makes it an important item in trade, as it is ideal for armies, travelers, and other people who must travel light but still need nourishment.

Though the people of Nuggin’s Landing collect the Swampstools, it is the traders of Ferryton that sell the crop to the outside world. Located across the Auld Syr River, Ferryton is prosperous and well-to-do, where Nuggin’s Landing is poor.

Though they are poor and perform dangerous work collecting the crop in the swamp, the people of Nuggin’s Landing are friendly, and family is easily the most important thing to all of them.


Notable Characters

Sheriff Luke Bouftin
Gult Tangleberry
Sheriff Jemiah Moonwood
Mayor Ard Bodberry

Nuggin's Landing

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