Ferryton is a medium-sized, well-to-do community sitting on the Auld Syr river opposite Nuggin’s Landing. Ferryton is home to the Mycological College, a collective of family run businesses that sell Swampstools collected by workers in Nuggin’s Landing to the outside world.

Ferryton is divided into 8 loose districts. 6 of the districts correspond to a particular house, but the last two have no specific affiliation. The Commons is a district in the center of Ferryton, where municipal buildings are housed and where traders come to work. The Briars lay on the outskirts of town. It is here that transplants from Nuggin’s Landing live while working to improve their stations by working in a private guard for one of the houses, where servants of the houses live, and where city workers often make their homes.


The Commons
The Commons is the center of Ferryton, where public buildings are located and municipal functions are carried out.

The Briars
The Briars is the section of town where workers live. Guards, managers, servants, and anyone else that directly or indirectly works for the Houses likely lives here. As a result, it is the poorest section of Ferryton, and receives the least attention from Sheriff Egar Appletree.

The Orchard
The Orchard is the district of Ferryton controlled by House Gryndllwine.

The Roost
The Roost is the district of Ferryton that House Finchtree calls home.

Riverview is the district that House Langashire controls.

Kings Hill
Kings Hill is the district where House Meskind makes its home.

The Flats
House Dellwood Lives and operates in the Flats. Unlike some other Houses, Dellwood doesn’t have a very strong hold over its district.

The Warren
House Bramblebrook controls the rundown part of Ferryton known as the Warren. Although the Briars is the poorest part of Ferryton, the Warren is by far the most dangerous. Where other Houses will use their private security forces to enforce at least a modicum of order in their areas, Bramblebrook spends the bare minimum possible to make sure that their own property is safe, ignoring the rest of their district entirely.


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